Privacy Policy

As a member of the Australian Association of Social Workers, ClarityMind works in line with the AASW Code of Ethics (2020) and AASW Supervision Standards (2014) regarding all supervision standards, code of conduct, confidentiality and privacy practices. These documents can be accessed online.

What is shared in external supervision remains confidential with limits that include maintaining records as agreed in the Supervision Contract and in line with legal and ethical requirements. To maintain client confidentiality, supervisees will be required to de-identify all case discussions. 

Supervisors maintain records and report on supervision as agreed in the contract and in line with legal and ethical requirements

All suspected or actual misconduct or unethical behaviour will be addressed as per the AASW Code of Ethics (2020).

As per the AASW Supervision Standards, 2014 section 9.1.6 – “When occurrences of misconduct or unethical practice are identified or suspected by supervisors they will raise these matters in the first instance with supervisees, where appropriate, to seek a resolution.”

If it is not appropriate to directly raise the issue with the supervisee, or if the issue is not resolved, “supervisors decide if the matter needs to be reported to an appropriate person, in line with the supervision contract or Code of Ethics.” (Section 9.1.6b)