Kayley Eldred


Kayley is an Accredited Social Worker and Accredited Supervisor with the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) with over 10 years of experience across the Community Services, Sexual Assault Counselling and Tertiary Child, Adolescent and Youth Mental Health sectors. She currently holds a Principal Practitioner role at Uniting Vic/Tas across the Child, Youth & Families teams in southern metropolitan Melbourne.

Kayley is passionate about working from a relational perspective, in an attachment-focused and trauma-informed manner.  She has done training in Dyadic Development Psychotherapy (DDP), Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT), EMDR and Mentalisation Based Therapy (MBT). Furthermore, Kayley’s passion lies in utilising Family and Systemic Therapy Frameworks to understand complex presentations, families and professional systems.

Throughout her career, Kayley has held a growing passion and commitment to working systemically and considering the presentation of an individual within their bio-psycho-social-emotional context to better formulate their challenges and vulnerabilities to conceptualise their treatment needs. When translating this to the supervision space, she considers your needs as a clinician in both your professional and personal systems along with your own Internal Working Models, and sensitivities. 

You can expect a warm and collaborative engagement style from Kayley, coming from a place of curiosity and empathy. She is committed to providing an emotionally safe space to allow for the expression of an individual’s needs and acknowledgement of their internal emotional experience and vulnerabilities. 

Kayley was nominated for the “Monash Health Allied Health Outstanding Clinical Educator Award for Social Work” in 2021.