Gain Clarity

ClarityMind currently offers an external supervision service to professionals working in the Mental Health and Human Services field. We aim to provide a nurturing and reflective space allowing you to gain insight into your current practice, including your personal and professional needs.


Trauma-Informed Reflective Practice

ClarityMind is passionate about utilising trauma-informed practice. When we can reflectively consider the impact of trauma on our clients, we have the capacity to engage with them more thoughtfully and empathically. Furthermore, it helps us gain clarity regarding our own needs as professionals to consider how Vicarious Trauma may impact us in our personal and professional lives.


Professional Development

As Mental Health professionals, we consistently require ongoing development of therapeutic skills to better engage with our clients.

Collaborative discussions can help gain insight into your Professional Development needs, leading to a feeling of increased competency and confidence in clinical interactions.


Reflective Practice in an Organisational Context

“Who are my people?”

It is integral to explore how our internalised values and defences lead us towards being open and engaged or leaning towards conflict and isolation in our team by further assessing the systems within which we work, including their function and context. 

Furthermore, supervision offers the opportunity to consider the broader systems we work in (eg inter-organisational, political & legislative) and to consider how we can be the instigators of systemic change.